Transalpine Run

Date 09/09/2023 – 09/16/2023

Country Germany

Distance 255km

Elevation 16306m  


There may be no more famous stage trail race in the world than the Transalpine Run. The Dynafit Transalpine Run includes eight villages, and runs through some of the most scenic areas of the Alps, from Germany to Austria and finishing in Italy. The course varies each year, and often includes Switzerland. Runners can enter as a two-person team or solo, and the event is fully supported, with supplies and baggage moved daily from town to town. Covering over 250 km of the Alps, this race has it all, from forests to high alpine passes, cruising through pastures, tough uphill pushes– you name it. Famously well supported, the Transalpine run is considered one of the all-time classic Alp trail running events.

To give runners who lack the experience and training to run the full 7 days, the race is now offering the RUN2 – allowing runners to take part in the first 2 days of the event. This is a great way to  take your first steps in stage racing. 

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