La Montée des Pavés

Distance 12km  8km

Elevation 1150m  960m


An hour away from Geneva, or Chamonix in the other direction, ‘The Climb of the Paving Stones’ begins in the Old Town of Taninges at 643m and climbs up to the ski town of Praz de Lys at 1452m.  Although the paved road at the start of the race is known as a Roman road, it was actually built later, around 700 years ago, by monks from the Chartreuse de Mélan monastery in Taninges. The trails pass under the foot of the peak Marcelly and you’ll gain a magnificient view of the Mont Blanc chain and traditional alpages, the summer mountain farms. The 12 km route takes a path up through trees then meadows and runs along the magnificent Roy Lake, the high point at 1695m, before reaching Praz de Lys via the Ramaz pass. There is also an 8 km race and a non-timed walk (7 km, 900 m). The 12km race is part of the Courses de Montagne de Haute-Savoie series. A souvenir gift, apéritif and great ambience are all assured!


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