Maratona della Valle Intrasca

Date 06/02/2019

Country Italy

Distance 35 km  16.9 km

Elevation 1634 m  353 m


Challenge yourselves on this is a non-competitive mountain race in teams of two athletes over the 35 km course with a difference in height of 1,634 m between Lake Maggiore and the Rifugio CAI Verbano at Pian Cavallone.  A constistant climb of 1100 m will bring you to the Refuge at over 1500 m. The Club Alpine Italian (CAI) refuge was built in 1882.  It has one of the most beautiful balconies overlooking Lake Maggiore, the exclusive wilderness areas of the Val Grande National Park, the Monte Rosa chain and the Swiss Alps.  The trail from the refuge is almost all downhill back to the lake. Your trail route passes through Verbania Intra Piazza Ranzoni, Trobaso, Cambiasca, Ramello, Caprezzo, Ponte Nivio, Intragna, Alpe Gabbio, Alpe Sunfaì, Rifugio CAI Verbano Pian Cavallone, and continues by a different route to descend via Pizzo Partridge, Colma di Cossogno, Monte Todum, Cappella Fina, Alpe Pala, Miazzina, Oratory Monscenù, Cambiasca, Trobaso to the end. A 16.9 km might be more your distance and you can also challenge your kids to complete the 500 m or 1000 m races on Saturday.

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