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Matterhorn Ultraks

Matterhorn Ultraks
08/23/2024 - 08/25/2024
25km 32 km 49km 6.3km
2876m 2000m 3600m 1000m

About the race

The Ultraks race series offers a variety of distances for all levels and ages, starting and finishing in the world-famous village of Zermatt and including classic views of the Matterhorn along the route.

The ‘Active’ 19 km run passes through outer villages, as well as some countryside, an above tree-line stretch, and the beautiful Riffelalp resort. The ‘Mountain’ middle-length run (32 km) incorporates more mountain terrain, and includes the remarkable suspension bridge over Gletscher Gorge.

The ‘Sky ’49 km course is a real mountain test piece, with multiple climbs, starting with a tough uphill the famed Gornergrat viewpoint, and finishing with a plummeting downhill to Zermatt for the finish.

The Vertical 2.3 km was a new distance for 2018 but has since shifted to be a 6.3 km vertical kilometer course. As of 2019 the ‘Extreme’ race will test your limits, the demanding course requires mountain and altitude experience. At registration, questions will be asked about your experience in similar skyrunning /trailrunning races, in mountain and with Via Ferrata. Good luck!

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