Monterosa Est Himalayan Trail

Date 07/29/2023

Country Italy

Distance 60km  38km 23km 15km

Elevation 4500m  2900m 1600m 1000m


Running this trail is an opportunity to get in touch with a piece of the history of the Alps. Macugnaga is an unusual Italian mountain village at the foot of Monte Rosa, the 4634m high mountain which forms the border with Switzerland to the north. The Monterosa Est Himalayan Trail race challenges runners over steep and technical terrain with distances of 60km, 15 km, 23km and 35km. The team relay is 23 km + 35km. The history of Macugnaga, “Pearl of the Rose”, began in the twelfth century, when the Swiss writer Rober Walser, from the Valais region, occupied this pleasant basin of the upper Anzasca Valley in Northern Italy, thus beginning the Walser colonization around Monte Rosa. Walser tradition is seen in the architecture, traditional women’s costumes and the Titsch language still spoken by the elderly, all of which are very different to the Italian equivalents. Come to discover this charming and unique corner of Italy.

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