Morenic Trail

Date 10/07/2023 – 10/08/2023

Country Italy

Distance 119km  18.5km

Elevation 2540m  760m


In the north-west of Italy, on the border between Piedmont and the Aosta valley, the great Balteo glacier used to descend from the Alps. A few thousand years ago, it melted away, leaving the most beautiful and well-preserved morainic amphitheater in the world. The Morenic Trail follows the route around the ancient Balteo Glacier; 119km along the ridges of the Morteic Balteo Amphitheater. As well as a great sporting experience, this is a long journey in nature and the characteristic villages of the morainic Baltee hills. Plus, the welcoming local people will provide a feast of traditional refreshments. If this race sounds a bit too far, the relay option is available to run as part of a team, or maybe try the Valchiusella Night Race of 18.5km!

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