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Oisans Trail Tour

Oisans Trail Tour
07/14/2023 - 07/16/2023
40km 14km
2330m 850m

About the race

The Ecrins National Park In the southern French Alps is a land of high peaks, deep valleys, glaciers and untamed beauty. It is wilder than most of the well-known Alpine areas and has qualified for the European Diploma of Protected Areas. The races all take part in the National Park. Both the 88km and 40km race start in the famous ski resort town of Alpe d’Huez and start with a climb up to Signal de Villard. Both courses follow a similar route until the 35km mark where the 88km route heads off east on a dogleg to the Col du Souchet. If the 88km or 40km don’t intice you then why not take part in the pleasant 14km route and enjoy cheering-on the other runners coming in after you’re done!


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