Préalpes Trail de Mouret

Date 09/17/2022

Country Switzerland

Distance 51km  31km, 20km, 10km

Elevation 3100m  1600m, 950m, 650m


In the “Préalpes”– the lower hills where the Alps start– this event is held in the village of Mouret, in the canton of Fribourg, between Lausanne and Bern, Switzerland. There is a mix of challenging and rolling terrain in all the routes as they traverse the beautiful and untouched Massif de Berra. The races all take place on hiking trails and the 51km race has sections of technical mountain trail. The 51km, 31km and 20km races offer ITRA points to finishers. It is also possible to race as a pair in the 20km “Duo.” There are also three categories of races for children.

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