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Lenk-Iffigenalp Mountain Run

Lenk-Iffigenalp Mountain Run

About the race

While the Swiss Trail Tour was discontinued, the Lenk-Iffigenalp Mountain Run continues the legacy on the same trails, though on a smaller scale. The one adult race is 9.3 km with 550 m altitude difference and in the afternoon children can participate in the Kids Run.

The Lenk area has a lot to offer – and not only trails for trail runners. Located in the Bernese Oberland, it is a popular ski resort in winter and a walking paradise in summer. Plus, if you fancy some water sports, Lenk is an easy train ride from Spiez on the Thun lake.

The Swiss Trail Tour was a three day stage race in the area surrounding Lenk, in the mountainous Canton of Bern. Runners could between one of four race distances or do the combination of three races over three days.

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