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The Cristallina Challenge 

The Cristallina Challenge 

About the race

**To the best of our knowledge, this race has been discontinued. We’re keeping discontinued race pages on the site as a historical record and in the hopes that one day, the race will return.**

Val Bedretto, where the race takes place,  is possibly one of the most popular places in Ticino, Switzerland. The race organizers’ aim has been to create a race that is challenging but accessible to all trail runners. At points the trails are mildly technical but never exposed or dangerous. What’s more, there are plenty of race marshals and volunteers around to make sure that everyone is safe and well looked after.

The race starts at the town of Ossasco, which has good public transport access, and finishes at the Narèt dam. From the finish line it is a short hike back down to the valley – the perfect cool down.

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