Trail du Besso

Date 09/02/2023

Country Switzerland

Distance 56km  25.5km

Elevation 5400m  2230m


Following a technical route over the high passes and glaciers surrounding Zinal in the Canton of Valais, the first edition of Trail de Besso will take place in 2019. Part of the Skyrunner Switzerland series, this race packs in a huge amount of vertical and challenges runners to finish before dark. The course is named after the 3668m Besso mountain which overlooks the route. Several sections are above 3000m and runners should be happy to tackle some very challenging technical sections along the way. Trail de Besso offers two starting times, depending on the number of ITRA points you have; 03.30, or 05:00 for those with more points. The shorter ‘Tour du Roc’ follows the second half of the Trail de Besso course.

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