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Ultratour des 4 Massif

Ultratour des 4 Massif
07/18/2024 - 07/21/2024
160 km
100 km 40 km 20km 10 km 3 km 2 km
11000 m
5500 m various m

About the race

Race website:

Ut4M is a major trail racing event in Grenoble, France. Following an “a la carte” aesthetic, it offers a a selection of 12 courses to be run individually or consecutively, solo or as a team. Ut4M160 Xtrem (169 km, 11000D+) is the “Dinner of the Kings.” This race takes you through paths and trails in four mountain ranges — Vercors, Taillefer, Belledone and Chartreuse — each with its own characteristics. Ut4M 160 visits all the summits. This ultimate race gains over 11,000 meters of elevation. Travel alone in the Solo, run with a partner in the Duo, or take a group of four in the Relay Challenge.

Ut4M100 Master (97 km, 6000mD+) is “cheese and dessert.” This route takes runners to the edges of Lake Merlat and the summit of Belledonne (undeniably one of the most beautiful view of the entire course). Farther along you’ll get views of Lake Doménons, the Cross of Belledonne, and the entire Chartreuse massif and valley.

Ut4M40 Series: Vergers, Chartreuse, Oisans and Belladonne are the four races to choose from, (40 to 49 km, 2500 to 3000m D+). With four days in a row you will discover each mountain range.

Ut4M20 Découvertes has two 20 km races Vercors and Chartreuse:- Ut4M20 Vercors starts in Grenoble and run to Lans en Vercors – 20 km & 1700 m D+. Ut4M20 Chartreuse starts in Le Sappey en Chartreuse and ends in Grenoble – 20 km & 500 m D+ May 25th 2019 Ut4M Vertical 3km  (1097 m D+) is “a little icing on the cake.” After only a few years, the route rising from Rioupéroux to Arselle has made a name for itself, and a reputation as one of the most intense vertical kilometers in Europe.

There is also a 2km sprint.

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