UTMB Mont Blanc – MCC – 40 km

Date 08/28/2023

Country France

Distance 40 km

Elevation 2300 m  


40 km long, the MCC, or “Martigny-Combe, Chamonix” is part of the UTMB Mont Blanc series of races. The races starts in Martigny-Combe in the Swiss Canton of Valais, and runs over the border into France, finishing in Chamonix. MCC was created in 2018 for regional residents and UTMB Mont Blanc volunteers, who have priority in entering this race. The route, which climbs up through the vineyards of Martigny-Combe to the Col de la Forclaz and then the Col de Balme on the French-Swiss border, appeals to participants who enjoy going uphill! After the final climb to Col de Balme, the descent into Chamonix, MCC attracts lots of spectators – since it involves a lot of local residents, the event has a fun local vibe to it. The route runs along little known paths and gives the participants a chance to experience some of the most beautiful hamlets in Chamonix’s upper valley.

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