Villeret – Chasseral – Villeret

Date 09/02/2023

Country Switzerland

Distance 25.9km

Elevation 1000m  


In the Canton of Bern in North West Switzerland, the VCV connects Villeret in the Bernese Jura at 760m elevation, to Chasseral at 1607m. Sometimes compared to Switzerland’s famous Sierre-Zinal race, this course is also known for it’s lively atmosphere and attracts elite runners as well as locals.

To begin the course, runners head through the famous gorge of the Combe Grède before turning up to steep trails, beautiful Jura forests, and pastures. The top of the Chasseral crest provides a sublime panorama with breathtaking views: To the south, the lakes of Biel, Murten, Neuchâtel and the Alps; to the North, the windmills of Mont-Soleil, the Vosges and the Jura. The loop brings runners down to finish back in Villeret.


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