Villeret – Chasseral – Villeret

Date 08/31/2019

Country Switzerland

Distance 25.9 km

Elevation 1000 m  


The VCV connects Villeret in the Bernese Jura (760 meters), to Chasseral (1,607 meters). Begin by running through the famous gorge of the Combe Grède before turning westward for the races first ascent, which leads runners to steep turning trails, beautiful Jura forests, pastures, wooded pastures and other typical characteristics of the region. The crest Chasseral provides participants with a sublime panorama of the South with breathtaking views of the plateau lakes of Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel and the Alps. To the North you will see the windmills of Mont-Soleil, the Vosges and the Jura.

This race attracts elite runners as well as local walkers. All are welcome!

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