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Zermatt Marathon and Ultra

Zermatt Marathon and Ultra
45.6km 21.1km 22km
2458m 1336m 1850m

About the race

Popular and well-organized events, the Zermatt Marathon and Ultra-marathon are part road race, part trail race. Both are major uphill challenges — the marathon climbs 1,944 meters, and the ultramarathon, 2,458 meters over an additional 3.4 km.

The first half of the course follows the road from St. Niklaus to Zermatt. In Zermatt, crowds of cheering onlookers line the route, while the course flattens briefly for a few kilometers. Outside of town, the route then steepens once again, following mostly dirt roads, with some sections of trails. The marathon finishes at the famed Riffelberg hotel, high on the massif opposite the Matterhorn. An amazing 29 4,000 meter peaks are within view at the finish. Registration includes free train transportation around the Zermatt area, a pasta meal and other treats.


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