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Tour du Mont-Blanc

Reviewed by: Michael Somero

It was nice getting to intimately know a small group from all over the world. Our tour overlapped UTMB week and being exposed to the pros, expo and fanfare made it extra special. I came home with so many special memories and you will too! Do not debate it, Do it.


A trail run of the TMB was on my bucket list for several years and turning 50 years old forced me to go. I did research of tour companies off and on for years and each research session left me with a gut feeling that Run the Alps would be the best option. I always intended to go self-guided, but when my wife heard they offered a guided option she begged me to do that "so you don't die".


Follow the training plan they provide. I did with allowance for only 80% of distances prescribed and most of the core strength training I only took time to do 1 round until the last 2 weeks when I did 2 rounds. The soreness you feel on morning 3 is the worst it gets; on Day 7 you will feel like you could continue doing it as a daily activity. Although this was the biggest physical challenge of my life, Flying home my Garmin watch flashed that I needed to up my activity level. A testament to the conservative pacing and numerous rest stops on the daily runs.


Bombing the ridgeline along Val Ferret, overwhelmed by the majestic beauty and praising the One who made it all. This is the section of trail headed to Switzerland - going from Courmayeur to Grand Col Ferret. As I reached the summit of Grand Col Ferret and gazed back down the valley, a profound sense of emotion swept over me, leaving a fragment of my heart to rest within the embrace of the alpine soil.