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The Berenese Oberland Trail run

Classic Bernese Oberland

Reviewed by: Joanna

This trip was amazing!! 10/10 recommend. It exceeded all my expectations (and they were high… I’d been looking forward to this holiday for a year)! Beckie and Siebrig (our guides) were brilliant – they managed to design routes that accommodated everyone, and there was always one of the guides at the back, giving encouragement and support.

The mountain huts and hotels all had their own charm and amazing breakfasts and dinners. The food on the trip was exceptional and the scenery was spectacular


I liked the look of the itinerary


I was under-prepared for the elevation. I’d recommend lots of fast-packing / hiking up very steep long hills rather than extra running training. Also - pack light! You don’t need anything more than the recommended equipment list!


Making 11 new friends and having an incredible sense of achievement. Memories for a lifetime!