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Tour du Mont Blanc 2022

Tour du Mont-Blanc

Reviewed by: Jaine

I read about these trips in sort of a “fantastical” way. They each sounded amazing but I couldn’t really see myself doing them. I’m a runner and reasonably fit but Im not a professional athlete. I don’t do ultramarathons. But, after conferring with RTA, we decided to bite the bullet and do it and it was amazing! The views, the tarts, the other runners….the entire experience exceeded my expectations! I want to go again! Thank you Doug, Giles, and the entire RTA crew for such an unforgettable experience!


This was a bucket list trip for me and my sister.


Do it!! You won’t regret it! Initially we thought “can we?”, and then, after conferring with RTA, we decided “yes”! This was one of the best experiences of my life! Do it!


The entire tour was a highlight! Our guide, Giles, was fantastic!