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Via Valais

Via Valais

Reviewed by: Annie Ley

I loved the ease of communication when I signed up. The way the trip was outlined made it easy to understand what I was getting in to, and Steph was always available to answer any questions. I was fortunate to join a group of 6 who were some of the most fabulous people I’ve yet to meet, and Mark, our guide made a lasting imprint on my life. Oh, let me not forget all the mind boggling running, views, laughter, food and lodging. This trip is most definitely not just about the run.


It was the longest you offered.


If someone is thinking of signing up, to take note of the climbing vertical and altitude involved on this trip. I was prepared for both, but miles run do not equate vertical and time on one’s feet.


Glaciers. Waterfalls. Food. Wine. Vistas. Laughter, and Mark.