I am the Human Garbage Pail of Trail Running Fueling

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Yesterday, Run the Alps Senior Guide Simon Conroy and I ran from Courmayeur, Italy to Chamonix, France, along the second half of the Tour du Mont-Blanc. The route we chose was 85 km with about 4,300 meters of climbing. I’m getting ready for a certain trail race in a few weeks. 

Here’s how I fueled:

4 gels

1 box Kambly chocolate cookies

1 large cheese sandwich

2 bananas

2 large chocolate bars

1 old Ovomaltine bar I found in my vest pocket. 

2 slices quiche (Thanks, Leon— he’s the L in PTL, by the way.) 

Here’s how Simon fueled:

1 peach

1 small bag of something that tasted kind of like Gummi Bears. (NB: He did not eat the entire bag. I had some.)

I am the human garbage pail of trail running.

I can and will eat anything I see that looks remotely tasty. Sometimes I think I could put a hungry Labrador Retriever to shame.  

That’s the real reason I trail run. Well, one of them. I am the only person I know who can exercise hard on trails until 3:00 am… and end the day calorie-positive. 


As for Simon? I have no idea why he trail runs.

We visited with Leon, one of the founders of the PTL, which bears his name, as the Petite Trotte À Leon. I ate the last of his quiche. Simon had a cup of tea.

Update: Simon had a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast. I had oatmeal with peanut butter and honey. And a leftover cheese sandwich. As I write this, I’m eyeing a chocolate croissant.

Watch a video from high above Trient, taken during our run.

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