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We love Run The Alps, such an incredible vacation!!!


Reviewed by: Wendy Shelker

One of our favorite vacations ever! Great set up that was challenging but very doable and enjoyable. We really loved our Run the Alps trip and hope to do another in the future! From trip planning, route maps, accommodations and customer service, you can’t go wrong with Run the Alps!!


I have always enjoyed Doug Mayer’s writing, love the Alps and wanted to run the Haute Route. Even though it wasn’t a trip they were currently offering, Run the Alps teamed up with Alpine Hikers to set up a self guided Haute Route vacation for us and it was phenomenal!! Excellent service, top notch accommodations and very clear directions made for a great trip!


Do it!! Figure out which trip you’re most interested in and maybe even ask Run the Alps for advice!


The views and the excitement of exploring a new alpine valley each day. And the copious amounts of cheese, wine and chocolate we enjoyed:)