Run the Alps Handmade Mask


$ S/H

It’s always a good thing to have a talented seamstress as your friend! In the case of Run the Alps, that’s Marleen, who lives in the mountains outside of Chamonix in the hamlet of Le Planet– right on the course of the famed Mont Blanc Marathon and its sister race, the Cross du Mont-Blanc, one of the original trail races in the Alps. 
Marleen is always coming up with great ideas, so when the pandemic arrived here, she set to work sewing masks for our staff and friends. Now, by popular request, we’re making them available to our friends outside of town! 
Handmade on her dining room table, our Run the Alps masks make life just a little more bearable in these challenging times. We smile underneath our masks when we see one around Chamonix!


Two layers of 100% cotton, with our Run the Alps polyester fabric buff fabric on top. Our handmade Run the Alps buffs are easily tied in back and adjustable. Machine washable, 30 – 40  degrees C (85 – 105 F) preferable.

For unique trail running clothing, visit Run the Alps partners, Insane Inside.